Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

I absolutely love Sundays! It is a time to get everything done and it is also time for FOOTBALL! I love football. My friend Mary also loves football, but more importantly, she loves the New England Patriots and Tom Brady. While I don't share in this love, I did want Mary to know how much I care about her so I made her this football card for her birthday. I used the Quarterback Ian stamp from The Greeting Farm and colored him with the Patriots' colors. Then I cut him out. I attached a piece of red Felt Fusion from Queen and Co. The felt was self-adhesive and easy to stick to the blue cardstock. (I have had this for a few years and I was surprised that it was still sticky!) I put "Little Tommy" over the felt with some pop dots and then attached some silver star brads to the right. I hope Mary had a fabulous birthday and enjoyed her "Little Tommy." Have a great Sunday!

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