Sunday, November 30, 2008

Let the Shopping Begin!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! (A few days late!) Hope everyone had a wonderful day and went shopping on Friday! My mom, sisters, and I went later in the afternoon and I finally broke down and did it! I bought a new camera. My old one kept taking fuzzy pictures and I wanted a Canon Rebel so I just did it. It was my contribution to the economy. I am posting some pictures I took with it. The only crafty thing I have done lately are my Christmas cards and I do not want to post those until my friends and family get them in the mail, so stay tuned. Here are pics of Joey. At least she stood still for a few minutes! (And, oh yes, I saw Twilight for the second time yesterday. We took my aunt. The book is SOOO much better but that Edward can invade my dreams any time.) Enjoy your week!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Oh Baby!

It has been too long since I have posted anything! That silly thing called work gets in the way sometimes! Why is it that work gets busy as your personal life gets busy too! Oh well - I should just be happy that I have work right?!

To celebrate the good things in life, my sister, Joy, had a baby shower for her friend Allison. We made some post it note holders for all of the shower guests to take home with them. We used the same animal stamps that we used on her invitations. I covered the chipboard coasters with paper from Martha Stewart and used the trusty old Bind - It All machine. Joy said they were a big hit!! Here are some pictures of my sister once they were done. Ain't she pretty!!! (And of course Joey had to get in the pictures too! She loves my sister so much!)

And, if you did not already know, Twilight the movie comes out on Friday! I am so excited. I honestly do not know how I am going to work all day. We already have our tickets and everything. Does that make us lame or what?!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Hangover

Happy Halloween everyone! (A few days late!) And, oh yes, the dreaded Halloween hangover. This is what I call the day after Halloween when children everyone crash from their candy filled night! I am so glad we did not have school! It is worse than Halloween! Ask any teacher. :)

As you can see, Joey is exhausted after this weekend. We passed out candy all night long on Friday night. On Saturday, we got up early to do the JDRF walk with Fox 10 news. My little sis, Heather, was in charge of organizing her group so we went and walked with her. Joey made it through the 3 mile walk and only stopped a few times. She was so tired when we got home but helped take down all of the Halloween decorations and get ready for Thanksgiving stuff.

For the past few weeks at school, we have been having a 13 days of Halloween movie contest. (This was for the teachers and staff to build spirit and morale!) Every day, I posted a movie clue. Those who wanted to participate, had to write down the name of the movie and the characters who were mentioned in the clue. I got the idea from PaperCrafts magazine of all places. Well, six people turned it in and two of those people got all of the clues right! One of them gets the grand prize of lots of Halloween goodies I got at Target. I thought the other 5 people also deserved a prize so I made these post it note holders for their desks. I got the idea from a You - Tube video. I used thin coasters and covered them with Halloween paper. Then I used my trusty Bind-It-All machine and put a pack of post its inside each one. On the outside, I used some Making Memories Clear Shapes that I just had to buy last year and finally found someplace to use them. Then I tied lots of colorful ribbons from Michael's on the top. Not bad for a second place gift. Let me know if you want the movie clues. It was a lot of fun and we are going to do the same thing for Christmas. What should I make then?