Sunday, February 14, 2010

Be Mine?

I have to admit - I am not a big fan of Valentine's day. It is the only holiday where people feel left out and that makes me sad. It is also the day I didn't get the ring! But still, there are people out there who I love so much and I just had to send them the perfect Valentine. Who better to help me than my Valentine, Joey. (She let me sleep in until 8 am today! Then my dad called to wake me up, but only to tell me that Tim McGraw was going to be on Nascar next. Thank you Dad!) Joey had just gotten her haircut and she had some cute bows in her hair so she was definitely going to be in my cards. The thing with Joey is she knows that she is cute but she hates to pose for the camera. So I did the only thing I knew to do - bribe her. I put a milkbone on my head and snapped away. I love these pictures!
To make the card, I used some pink cardstock as a based and then cut out half of a heart to leave a peek a boo flap on the front. Then I covered the heart with a paisley print and drew dashed white lines around it. I used some K & Company pillow stickers around the heart and heat embossed, "be mine?" with some cherry scented embossing powder from Cornish Heritage Farms and Versa Mark ink.
I hope that you have someone to love today!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Love Bugs!

Now anyone who knows me, knows how much I love being a teacher but sometimes my kiddos drive me crazy! But then I remember, they are just kids and this week is no exception. They are so giddy about Valentine's day. We had a yelling match today because an aunt and nephew in my class (I will explain later) were telling others what kinds of Valentine's they were bringing and it was supposed to be a secret. Ah, the day of love!

For my class, I made them their very own love bugs! I used the Cricut (as if) with the Walk in My Garden cartridge. The ladybugs are 5 inches in size. Then I cut out the wings with the blackout key and attached it to the ladybug with a heart brad. The heart paper is from Hobby Lobby. The circle inside is 4 and 1/2 inches. I stamped, "Be My Lovebug" in some red chalk ink. We will see what my lovebugs think of them tomorrow at our card exchange. I love watching them read each other's cards. Last year, I helped one of my boys sneak a box of chocolates into a girl's desk. Ah - I want to be 9 again!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Drew!

My good buddy Drew is turning 4 years old today! So hard to believe! I just called him to wish him a Happy Birthday and he told me, "Happy Birthday Holly!" So sweet! Well, Drew owns every car, truck, and four wheeled toy there is so for his big day I made him this John Deere blanket from two pieces of fleece. All you do it take two yards of each color, cut some fringe around the edges, and tie the pieces together. (Let me know if you want the instructions.) His grandpa owns a tow truck company so here is his very own tow truck! (The wild paper is from Scenic Route.)