Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Peachy Keen Stamps: Mini Challenge

Here is a quick design challenge using some Peachy Keen Stamps. The challenge was to create a project using the Peachy Keen Face stamps with polka dots. The main color had to be white. I have had these pictures of Kate playing in the snow for two years so I just had to use them. Of course, I had no polka dot paper that matched so I took a piece of textured white cardstock and a polka dot mask. I colored in the dots with pink chalk. Then I cut out some snowflakes and circles on my Cricut machine. I added faces to the circles and I put each circle in the middle of the large flakes. You cannot really tell but I added a little pink chalk to each face. Then I also cut out "SNOW GIRL" and added that to the page. (I was having some camera difficulties tonight so the picture is not that great!) I was happy to finally use these pictures.
I hope to play in the snow again soon.

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Kim Score said...

The all white is simple but so pretty!