Thursday, September 25, 2008


September is coming to a close and October is not far behind! Now if only our 104 degree weather would start cooling down! Enough is enough!
To get in the spirit, I made these Halloween candy holders. I got the idea from the Scor-Pal website. Scor-Pal is an awesome tool that helps you make your own cards and lots of other stuff. (Of course, my friend Mandy told me all about it and I just had to get one. I found it at the convention.) I took one of their ideas and made it my own. Check out the original here! I took some patterned paper and cut it and scored it to make a little box. Then I used my decorative scisors and cut along the bottom front edge. I brought home some magnet tape from school and made each one open and close. To finish, I added some ribbon, a little diecut on a circle, and printed a greeting for the inside. Oops - do not forget the big bar of chocolate. I hope the little ghost and ghoblin I am mailing this to like them a lot! (I was thinking something like this might be cute for a Christmas card. What do you think?) And if you are living in a place where Fall has really begun, send it down here to the Southwest! Boo to you!!


Strong Family said...

These are so cute Holly!! You are so creative!!

Holly J said...

How are you Mommy to be?! We were thinking about you today!!