Monday, March 12, 2012

Flowers in Your Hair

 Big flowers seem to be all of the rage to wear in your hair.  Some of my students wear the cutest barrettes and headbands.  Oh, to be 8 again!  I know I have made these barrettes before, but I made a few more for my sister's friend.  First, I cut out a flower shaped pattern out of felt for the base. Then I used two different patterns for each barrette and cut out eight different flowers.  I folded each flower into fourths and used thread to sew them into the middle of the felt flower.  My huge stash of buttons came in handy and I sewed a matching button to the top. The last step was to hot glue a barrette to the back.  These will look cute in a one year old's hair, don't you think?  Have a great week!

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