Thursday, June 18, 2009

Dressing Up

Happy Thursday everyone! A while ago, my mom and sister found some onesies over at JoAnn's and thought we could dress them up a little bit. (By we, they meant I.) I had read that you can cut fabric with the Cricut machine so I bought some cute fabric, onesies, and some wonder under. You iron the fabric onto the wonder under and then cut it using the Cricut. Well, the Cricut tore up the fabric so I know I am doing something wrong but I did not give up. I used my Cricut to cut out some templates and then traced those onto the fabric. The fabric was cut into various shapes and then I ironed those onto the onesies. Whew - I am tired but these turned out cute. They are for Brayden, our friends' Kathy and Justin's new baby boy. He is a welcomed and special addition to their family and he will look so cute in these. I think they look pretty cute on my clothesline. (Now to figure out what I did wrong in the first place!!)

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