Monday, January 5, 2009

Vinyl, Vinyl, Everywhere

Happy New Year everyone! Hard to believe, but 2009 is upon us. I was figuring out today how long ago I graduated from high school and I began to feel a little bit queasy!! (Did I even spell that right?) Oh well, I hope 2009 is much better than 2008.

For New Years, I flew to the land of the frozen tundra and went to a Packers' game with my friend Jamie and some friends. We had lots of fun and my snow pants kept me from sticking to the ice covered seat. It was fun - trust me! While I was in Wisconsin, Jamie's wife decided we needed to decorate their new house with some vinyl lettering. First, we headed to a sign company and bought some vinyl. The ladies there were frazzled. They were used to dealing with companies and not just two women with two little kids off the street. Once they figured out how to charge us, we marched home with the sheets of vinyl and dusted off Amy's Cricut machine. She searched for quotes on the internet. We then cut out the quotes on paper first so we would see how it would all look - visual learners!!! Then we cut out the vinyl. Cricut cuts out vinyl beautifully!! Cricut makes a transfer tape that we used to transfer the vinyl to the wall. Then we just rubbed it like a rub on and there it is! (Just a side note - when Holly reads the quote wrong and it is in the wrong order on the wall, just peel it off and redo. Oh yeah, twice!!) We loved the first quote so much that we went back to the sign company and ordered more vinyl. (Frazzled the ladies again!) In all, we did four quotes in different rooms in their house. It is so easy - I would be happy to do some for you or help you do it. I have some tricks up my sleeve. Just ask!


Strong Family said...

I LOVE vinyl!! You will have to show me all your tricks. I have wanted to do the quote "My aim is to keep this bathroom clean - your aim is appreciated" in my boys bathroom for some time now :) I just think it is fitting seeing that I have four boys. I also want to put some around the house. I will have to steal you sometime and have you come over and give me some inspiration. You truly are so crafty and talented!!

Holly J said...

Just name the time and place and I will be there. It is super simple. I will need to order the vinyl so think about what colors you would like and let me know ahead of time. I have lots of fonts to choose from. The quote would be perfect in the bathroom.