Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Job Well Done!

I am a list maker! I make a list every Sunday night of everything I want to accomplish during the week. Every night, before I go home, I make a list at school of things I need to do the next day. I love crossing things off as I finish them and, I will even let you in on a little secret - if I do something that is not already on my list, I write it on my list just so I can cross it off! Sick, I know. Maybe there is a support group I can join!

On my list, for about a month now, I have had, "Finish Christmas Card Album." What is this? Well, I keep my photo Christmas cards that I receive from my friends and family up all year on my fridge. I take them down every Christmas when I get the new ones. Usually, the old ones go in that shoebox stashed in my bedroom closet. No more! I took all of last year's photos and put them in an 8 by 8 album. I just cut out some Christmas paper and slapped on the photos. The journaling is already on there! Today, I used my "Joys of the Season" Cricut cartridge and added simple embellishments to each one. Now I have a collection of my past cards. It was super simple!

I also decided to do a little Valentine's Day project too. At Hobby Lobby, I bought two paper mache mailboxes. I painted them with various colors and then covered the ends with patterned paper. The Cricut was dusted off again to make them more personalized. On the front, a wooden monkey and a frog were added. (This project took me way too long! I am not the cleanest painter!) I hope my Valentines like them!

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JJ said...

Very cute! I love the little mailboxes.