Thursday, June 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Shortie!

Just a quick note to say Happy Birthday to my little sister Heather! Yes - I call her Shortie. She is taller than I am but she is still my little sister so I still insist that she is shorter than I am. (It's a sister thing!) This layout is from last year. She and I did the Pat Tillman Foundation walk out at ASU. It was so much fun and very inspirational. The walk ended at the 42 yard line (Tillman's number) at Sun Devil Stadium. (I even snagged a handful of turf to keep!) We had a great time and I took this picture on our way out. The circle in the upper right hand corner slides to show some journaling. Heather has to work today (no one should have to work on their birthday) so I hope she has a great day!!

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