Thursday, June 19, 2008


Disneyland has always been THE vacation spot for my family and I growing up! My dad loves the place and knows everything there is to know about it. Several years ago, I think it was Spring Break 2005, my two sisters, parents, Jamie, Amy, their one year old daughter Kate, and I piled into my parents' motorhome and headed to the Mouse House. (We stayed at a hotel - we are not that crazy!) I finally started scrapbooking those pictures. I think vacation pics like these are the hardest to do because I get stuck in a rut. I want them all to look different, but still go together. The pink page is Kate riding the merry go round. I actually took apart a gold necklace and then hooked on the pictures with eyelets and string. Kind of different?! Sometimes I look at it and love it and then I look at it and want to tear it apart. The second page is Jamie, Amy, and I on a fast paced roller coaster. I used some crazy Basic Grey paper for the background. I did not think it needed too much else so I just cut out some letters using my Cricut Machine and let the paper do the rest. I have done about 30 pages so far for this album. Then I need to scrapbook our trip we took last October. (This time it was just my sisters and parents. Oh yeah, we took the motorhome and stayed in a hotel!) :) I might take a tiny break and do something else before I tackle another 30 pages. Hope you are enjoying the warm weather!

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