Sunday, September 25, 2011

Flowers and Pumpkins

This week has been rough so I decided I needed to do be crafty and create some new fall decorations.  I do not remember where I saw this idea, but I loved it.  First, you take a foam or craft pumpkin and cut a 4 inch circle out of the top.  It reminded me of carving a real pumpkin and taking the stem off. Then you cut the stems of various fall flowers and fill the hole you just cut out.  I recommend using some wire cutters to cut the stems to the length you want.  (I just bent the wires back and forth until they broke.)  Move the flowers around until they look just right.  And you are done.  Now you have some cute centerpieces perfect for Halloween or Thanksgiving.  (Michael's has all of these supplies on sale right now!)  My mom thinks I should take these to my classroom - my third graders will love them.  Enjoy!

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Glenna Hanson said...

Too cute. Holly. love them.