Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Little of Both

Long before scrapbooking, I used to cross stitch. I would cross stitch everything - bookmarks, bags, wall hangings, gifts, etc. I loved it but some of my projects would take forever. I was excited to find a project that combined my love of cross stitching with my obsession of scrapbooking. There is a book by Leisure Arts called Smirk by Kyla May. I made the "You're Always There For Me" Clipboard for my friend Katie. First, I cross stitched the two girls and the cute saying on 14 count white aida cloth. Then I cut a piece of transparency and attached it to the top of my design using brads in the upper corners. To make the rest of the clipboard, I covered it in cute paper and then wrapped ribbon and threads around it. I attached these to the back using double sided tape and masking tape. Then I printed out sayings about friends and attached it to the ribbons using little clothespins and paper clips. Katie can add her own pictures to the other paper clips. The book is full of projects just like this. Have a great week!

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Jillian said...

What a cute idea!! Love it :-)