Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bed and Breakfast

A few months ago, my two sisters and I decided to take a trip back East to visit Boston and New York. One of my best friends, Mary, and her husband Jim live near Boston. When I told her we were coming for a visit, she insisted that we stay with her. All three of us?! They opened their beautiful home to us. Mary had fresh cut flowers in each of our bedrooms. She had a chocolate bar downstairs with all kinds of goodies. They even made us a traditional New England dinner complete with fresh lobsters and steamed clams. Yum! What to do for the Wegmann family? The upstairs bathroom that my sisters and I used, had lots of greens and blues in it so I made them this sign to hang up. I used two pieces of wood that hooked together because I did not want to smoosh all of the writing together. There are hooks so the bottom piece can be taken off. It is hung with a ribbon. I hope they enjoy this gift as much as we enjoyed our time in their home. Thanks Mary and Jim!

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