Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Mysteries of Me!

Last month, I took an online class with Elizabeth Kartchner. She is an awesome scrapper who has so many great ideas to share. The class was called, "Mysteries of Me." We had to take a vintage book and cut a huge hole out of the middle of it to make a box. I chose Islands in the Stream by Ernest Hemingway. It was one of my Papo's old books. I hope he was not too mad at me, but it still smelled like him so it made me feel really nostalgic. I used rub ons for the cover and added a flower with a key hole. Then we made this little tag book out of cardstock, felt, and tags. The class also came with tickets that expressed different things. First, we had to dye the tags and sew pockets with cardstock and our sewing machine. We then had to choose a picture to match the ticket and journal about each thing. It was hard for me to write some things down but it was such a good way to remember how I am feeling right now about my life and how I feel about the people in it. (Sorry some of the pics are sideways, not sure why they did this, but I wanted to show them.) So turn your head and get inspired to journal about your life. Check out Elizabeth's blog for lots of inspiration.

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Strong Family said...

WOW!! Holly that is so neat - what I great idea. I love it :-)