Saturday, May 16, 2009

A Little Girl

It seems like all of my friends have been having baby boys lately! Not that I do not love and adore them, but it is fun to go out and buy something pink. My fellow teacher and friend Shawn is going to have a baby girl in early August. I made her newest little arrival, Addison, this butterfly book. It started out as a wooden book made by Kaiser Craft. I covered it with glittery butterfly paper and then added quotes about girls and big brothers, since she will have two of them to watch over her. Shawn seemed to really like it and, in early August, she will be able to show it to Addison too! Congrats to the Espinzoa family!


Smith Family said...

Isn't pink girly stuff so cute! I absolutely love the book!

The Espinoza Family said...

So do I....and Addie will to...I cannot wait to put some pictures in it!