Monday, February 25, 2008

We Are Family!

March is almost here! Does it bother anybody else that St. Patrick's Day and Easter are in the same week? Do I put out my Easter decorations and my St. Patrick's decorations at the same time? What do I do in April? One of my students, and her twin sister, are from Illinois. Their birthday happens to fall on Easter this year. She thinks it is so strange that Arizona has Easter so much earlier than Illinois does!! :)

For a Heidi Swapp class I took, we had to use a very large photo and put our embellishments around it. We also had to do some handwritten journaling which I cringe at! I would much rather print something out on my computer but I wanted to see how it looks. I chose this photo that my dad took of my cousin Sonja at I at a family get together. It is not the best quality, but I love this picture. I printed it in sepia tone to match the pink and brown of my cards. Sonja and I have a special bond - I cannot really explain it but whenever we are together, I feel so much love and happiness. She is so spunky and keeps me laughing! I need a little bit of Sonja everyday!

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