Thursday, January 17, 2008

Oh, Those Kids!

I have to start today with some funny stories from my students. I teach 1st grade and they say the funniest things sometimes. My family has always said that I should write a book about it, so this gives me a start.

One of my little girls, usually quite the handful but strangely sweet lately came up to me with a very serious face. She asked, "Why didn't the skeleton cross the road?" I said, "I don't know." In her same serious face, she replied, "Because it had no guts!" And then she walked away!

As we were lining up to go to lunch, one of my boys announced that he and his dad dressed alike today. They wore the same red shirt and they both wore their red underwear! I am sure his dad would love to hear that. I can never look at his dad the same again!

I love making gifts for fellow teachers and one gift I made was a baby book. Traci was having her third baby and I did not want to give her any of the usual baby gifts because I knew she had everything. I asked her to email me her favorite pics and then I made a scrapbook for her. She really liked it! And I had so much fun doing it!

Well, the week is almost done. I am so glad CSI is on tonight. It is my very favorite show. Seriously, I am addicted. And I recorded Project Runway so I better go and watch that! Love that DVR! (Sad, but true!) Have a great Friday!

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Andrea Venn said...

Hi Holly I just caught your blog link from the Heidi Swapp class. I learned so much! I will add you to my blog list and you can do the same for me