Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Southwestern Sweet Potato

Lots of my married friends think I am so strange for cooking for myself. They think I should eat cereal every night. Really?  Single gals deserve to eat good food too.  So I'm going to share some of my favorite simple recipes. 

How about those nights when you are really hungry but really tired?  Try this Southwestern Sweet Potato.

I did not create this but I remember reading something similar so I had to try it.

Seriously, this is yumminess!

My sister and I went to a Farmer's Market a few weeks back and bought HUGE sweet potatoes.  This is actually half.  (The other half was devoured at last night's dinner.)  To cook this sweet potato, I used my Potato Express.  If you do not own one, go buy one now.  My mom bought it for me and I chuckled, thinking it was silly. Then I used it.  It cooks potatoes in your microwave in minutes.  No heating up the oven!!  And no poking the potato with holes first. Genius!!!

Then I added some black beans.  Simple so far!

And then, now here it gets really good, I piled on some 6 Layer Dip I bought at my local deli.  It includes beans, sour cream, salsa, and cheese.  I just used a few scoops. Hardly any calories and added some creaminess that this dish needed.  (Feel free to just add sour cream or guacamole too.)

Then I topped it with some hot sauce and my favorite herb, cilantro.  Do you have a favorite herb?  My little sister thinks this is such a weird question. She does not believe that everyone has a favorite herb.  Maybe not, but if they did, I hope they would choose cilantro.  Really, I do believe in cilantro.

Now dig in!  It's yummy and will keep you full for hours. 

(And please don't mind the Winnie the Pooh plates.  I plan on replacing everything with Pioneer Woman's collection. Have you seen it?  MUST HAVE IT ALL!)

Happy Eating!

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