Friday, May 28, 2010

Autographs Anyone?

Happy Friday to all of you! My good buddies Kate and Drew are heading to Disneyworld next month. I know how kids love to get autographs from all of their favorite characters so I made each of them their own autograph books. First, I cut some chipboard 6 by 8 inches and covered each side with paper. For Kate, I chose pink to match the princess castle on the front. For Drew, I chose black and red to go with the Mickey and Minnie stickers I found. Then I cut out some beige cardstock that I put inside the book. I cut out 20 pages for each of them so they have plenty of room for autographs and can even add pictures to it later. To make the books, I used my Bind-It-All machine. On the back covers, I cut out a Mickey Mouse head with their initials using my Mickey Font cartridge. (This is how I personalized the covers too.) The final touch is a retractable Sharpie marker that I tied to the binding with rope. This way, they never have to search for markers and they will not lose the caps. Now they are ready! Have a great Memorial Day weekend! Thanks to all of those who protect us every day!


Strong Family said...

Holly these are so cute!!! I love them and what a wonderful idea. The marker attached is perfect! Excellent work :-)

Smith Family said...

What a fun idea! I'm sure the kids are going to love filling them with autographs from their Disney friends!

The Espinoza Family said...

Hey you! I just saw these books...I love them! We are going to Disneyworld next summer and I would love to have two Mickey Character books made, one for Addi and my Nephew Noah! Let me know if you are is a year away! I would make one for Nicholas but I think his a little too old...Hee Hee!