Saturday, September 26, 2009

Scrap Pink

Happy Scrap Pink Day! This is a day to celebrate scrapbooking and donating to a great cause. Many scrappers all over the country are raising money today to donate to breast cancer research. If you get a chance, head to your local scrapbook store and see what wonderful things they have going on today. I just got home from Crop Girls here in Peoria and made some neat make and takes. All of the procedes will be donated to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

Last weekend was Jack and Jake's 4th birthday party. They are like nephews to me - they even call me Aunt Holly and we are grateful to be friends with their parents. (Sometimes they even call me "Not the Mama Holly" because their mom is named Hollie too!) Anyways, they were having a train birthday party and I wanted to do something cute for them but the teacher in me is always in there so I made them these counting books. I used two blank albums from Maya Road and covered them both with paper from Three Bugs in a Rug. (I bought all of this at Crop Girls!) Then I cut out trains, police cars, fire engines, and ambulances from the new Everyday Paper Dolls cartridge from Cricut. I cut out numbers from the Mickey Font that I then laminted and stuck velcro to. One book is a counting book for trains that goes from 1- 10 and the other one is the rest of the vehicles and it goes from 10 -1. The boys can count the number of cars and stick on the matching number. I love how they both turned out and I hope the boys have lots of fun with them. The characters on the covers were also made using the Everyday Paper Dolls. Don't worry boys, I will not test you on this. Not yet!!


Strong Family said...

Those are so stinkin cute!!! I'm gonna need to order one up for Trenton :-) What a wonderful idea!!

The Espinoza Family said...

I love that book! Way too cute! You are awesome!