Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Can you tell I am not a happy Holly? This week is AIMS testing here in our great state. (AIMS is our state test!) And today, well today, was not a good day. It is so frustrating to walk around and watch my students make silly and careless mistakes! We have been working on this since the first day of school and to see some of them mess up on the simplest questions just boggles my mind! Especially when so much is riding on how they do! (Too much is riding on this!) Enough of that! My wonderful Joy has a friend who had a baby a few months back and Joy wanted me to make him a name book. She asked, "How many letters can you do?" "Well - I have done a book with six letters but that was pretty long, so no more than six." "Oh," was all she said. "Why? What is his name?" "Johnathan!" That is nine, count them, nine letters long! No way! I suggested doing his initials. She said okay but I knew she wanted his name on there somewhere. So - using my Cricut Design Studio and my Cricut machine, I cut out his name and put an extra little tab between each letter. On the back of each tab, I put a quote about little boys. Best of both worlds! (Isn't that a Hannah Montana song? Oh boy! Time for summer vacation!)

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