Saturday, October 25, 2008

It's a Jungle Out There!

It is finally Saturday! This has been one of the longest weeks ever! It was Parent Teacher Conferences! I dread Parent Teacher Conferences. My stomach has been in knots and I have felt sick every day! Now a cloud has been lifted and I am happy again. Conferences are so stressful. You never know which parents are going to love what you are doing and which ones are going to snap at you! Thankfully, this year's conferences went very well! No one yelled at me and no one said they wanted to kick my you know what! (Like some dad did last year!) I am just glad they are over. Our school also had our Fall Festival last night. I served pizza and popcorn for hours but we all had so much fun! I love seeing my students dressed up in their costumes. I also saw my childhood friend Cheryl and her daughters. Where does the time go?

This morning, I woke up extra early and finished this baby book for my friend Jillian and her new born son, Trenton. Jillian is our angel who taught first grade with us last year! I asked her what kind of book she wanted and she said, "Oh Holly, you are the creative one so do whatever you want! I trust you!) No pressure there! I knew she was having a jungle theme but I did not want to do an animal book where there would be ribbons hanging out of the giraffe's tush or anything. So, I took a 6 by 6 book and had animals sticking out around the pages! I cut out the animals using my Cricut machine. I used the Zooballo and Animal Kingdom cartridges. Again, I used the K & Company papers. For some added touches, I used the same stamps as we used in the baby shower card and stuck those animals all over the inside of the book. To top it all off, I put quotes about babies and little boys on each page. Jillian's shower is in about an hour so I finished it just in time! I always do my best work when I leave things to the last minute. :) Now maybe I should go do my hair and put on some makeup. I think I need a nap! Have a great weekend! (And congrats to my friend Jamie and his family. They are moving into their brand new house. I was supposed to have a bedroom in the basement but, because of budget cuts, my room was scrapped. His four year old daughter says I can sleep in their playroom. I feel the love!)


Kip at JK Crafts said...

Your baby book is adorable! Thank you for sharing! We've highlighted your book. Take a look, "It's a Jungle Out There Baby Book".

Strong Family said...

This is the best book ever! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! It sits right on Trenton's changing table next to his lamp. Everyone who sees it just falls in love with it. You are SO talented! Thanks for making me something so special for my special little man.