Saturday, August 16, 2008

New Shade of Green

Happy Saturday everyone! Yes, summer vacation has officially ended for us Zonies and school is back in full swing. I am teaching 3rd grade again and I love it! It just seems to get harder to get back into the swing of things each and every year. It is supposed to get easier after 12 years, right?!

Today, something momentous is happening. Not the Olympics, although those have been amazing! They have inspired me to get my butt off of the couch and start exercising. (Not that I have done that, but I have thought about that as I get my bowl of ice cream!) No, today Brett Favre is going to put on a different shade of green and start as quarterback of the New York Jets, instead of the Green Bay Packers. Some of you might not know that I am a HUGE football fan! I love the sport and usually get a little bit depressed after the Super Bowl is over every year. Why am I a huge fan? Well - here it goes:

Back in 6th grade, many moons ago, my dad was building our new house. He would go to work every day and then go to the house and work on it. We would stay up late to wait for him to come home. On Monday nights, there was not much on except for Monday Night Football. My mom and I went crazy over Joe Montana and the 49ers. I even had his poster hanging up in my room for most of junior high.

Then in high school, another quarterback named Brett Favre came onto the scene. He was incredible to watch! He was not only good, but looked like he was having so much fun. That is when our obsession with the Packers began. My sisters and I had cheeseheads and officially became fans. Later on in my life, I was lucky enough to become great friends with some geniune cheeseheads. In 2004, the Stoeckly clan let me travel back to Wisconsin with them and they took me to Lambeau Field. (I have been there twice and hope to go many more times!) The place is incredible. I cannot even put into words what it is like to walk into a stadium where 98% of the crowd is rooting for the home team. (Especially since my home team is the Cardinals.) It was freezing but so much fun. These layouts are from that game.

As some of you know, Brett Favre has left the Packers and is now with the Jets. Tonight is the first time we will see him in a different uniform. I am kind of nervous. Not sure why, but I guess the unknown makes you feel that way! I just hope he still has that fun sparkle that he had so many years ago! Good luck, Brett! But as always, Go Pack Go!!

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